Wild Wilda Mint Julep

Mixologist: Mark Corley
A bold approach to a Kentucky Derby classic. Earned the 2017 Rose Julep Judge's Winner Award.


Made with Four Roses Single Barrel
2 fl oz Four Roses Single Barrel
fl oz Creme de Menthe
¼ fl oz Crème de Cacao
¼ fl oz Coffee Liqueur


Add the Creme de Menthe, Creme de Cacao, and Single Barrel in a shaker tin. Give a quick stir and add a small scoop of crushed ice and swizzle everything together. Fill the rest of the tin with crushed ice and create a nice cone on top. Place a sprig of mint next to the straws and a piece of mint chocolate on top. Dust with a few coffee grounds on top.

For this preparation, we recommend: Tempus Fugit Créme de Menthe, Tempus Fugit Créme de Cacao, and Cardinal Spirits Songbird Coffee Liqueur.

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