Wake Up and Smell the Roses

Mixologist: Bill Whitlow
Venue: Rich's Proper
A delightful take on a rich, coffee-infused mint julep.


Made with Four Roses Small Batch
2 fl oz Four Roses Small Batch
¾ fl oz Black Tea Syrup
1 tbsp Smoked Maple Syrup
¾ fl oz Cold Brew Coffee
½ fl oz Torres Magdala
3 dash(es) Crude Attawanhood Bitters
1 dash(es) Woodford Spiced Cherry Bitters
8 piece(s) Mint Leaves
1 dash(es) Powdered Sugar


In a rocks glass, combine Four Roses Small Batch with muddled (but not shredded) mint leaves.

Add black tea syrup, smoked maple syrup, cold brew coffee, Torres Magdala, crude attawanhood bitters, spiced cherry bitters, and crushed Ice.
Turn in a shaker and top with mint sprig and powdered sugar.

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