Sweet & Spicy

Spice up your summer with the Sweet & Spicy made with Barritt's Ginger Beer.


Made with Four Roses Small Batch
fl oz Four Roses Small Batch
3 fl oz Barritt's Ginger Beer
½ fl oz Lime Juice
Spicy BBQ Rub


Use lime to wet half the rim of a Collins glass, then dip rim in spicy BBQ seasoning/rub. Squeeze a quarter of the lime into the glass. Add 6 slices of strawberries, 2-3 sliced jalapeños, and muddle. Add Four Roses Small Batch, ice, and a small pour of Barritt’s Ginger Beer, then give a quick stir. Add more ice and top with ginger beer. Garnish with jalapeño slices and a lime wheel (strawberry slice optional).

When choosing a BBQ seasoning/rub, look for peppers and sugar in the ingredients and opt for one with thicker granules for the best, most flavorful rim. For less fruit chunks, shake ingredients in an ice filled shaker, then strain over fresh ice.

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